A very unique fitness boutique, a multi-sensorial room with an exclusive design. In DRIVE the
training is “on bike”, a new indoor cycle concept that comes directly from New York, with some
inspiration from London.
Entering this boutique starts an imaginary journey: on the left, a wide-open wooden door with two
demonic protomes symbolises a hypothetical passage from hell to heaven, which is represented
by the golden apse from where the Master Trainer shows you the way, like you were in a
deconsecrated church. A black carousel unicorn welcomes you to the room, almost in contrast
with the freedom of movement of the bikes. This is one of the most wanted “selfie points” of the
An over three metre wide graphic equaliser made of plastic water bottles follows the rhythm of the
training with its light: this revolutionary concept allows you to pedal with an exclusive community,
burning calories and speeding up your metabolism.

There are no classes for this boutique